Olive Wood Drinks Coasters

When you have guests you serve them with water, coffee, wine, beer and any such beverages while you stay together and talk and have fun. And most glasses get wet or you accidentally spill some liquid and if you do not notice that on the spot ( and you never do) you will see very ugly glass rings on your table the next day. And, apart from the unaesthetic appearance, your table will be permanently damaged unless it is made of glass. But since most living room tables are made of wood, I bet you will look for coasters next time your guests come for a drink. And if you have a rustic living room, this olive wood drinks coaster will be perfect.

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This drink coaster is made of olive wood and looks very nice, as it is actually a transverse section of the olive tree. Then it is lacquered and added some other chemicals that make it look all spark and nice and at the same time very functional. And its function is to keep water or any other liquid away from your table. It resists high temperatures and can be easily wiped with a soft cloth. Purchase a pack of four coasters for £6.98.