Old Wooden Barn Remodeled With A Scandinavian Theme

The architects of Czech Studio OOOOX came up with a plan to transform an old wooden barn into their own home and they called it the BOOOOX Barn. After a 2-year renovation the space was completely transformed. The exterior became black and the interior was designed with a Scandinavian theme.


They added a new insulated shell to the barn with board-and-batten siding over the original timber frame. Glass doors and large windows were installed behind the large sliding barn doors. The whole barn is around 25′ long by 21′ wide.


The interior is simple and infused with Scandinavian features as well as a number of industrial elements. The black and white theme simplifies the décor while the layered textures create a welcoming ambiance.


The ground floor area features a partial brick wall that separates the kitchen and bathroom from the living and dining areas.


The kitchen features white walls, exposed ceiling beams and white cabinetry with wooden countertops. There’s a complete lack of wall-mounted furniture, a detail meant to keep the décor simple and airy. Accent light fixtures were installed in order to provide task lighting.


The brick wall supports a series of open shelves that serve as a sort of pantry. It’s where everything is organized and stored close at hand yet hidden from view.


One section of this wall was transformed into storage space for all the kitchen utensils and the large pots and pans. They’re all organized using metal rods and hooks.


The dining area is placed by a large window with sweeping views over the surrounding landscape. It consists of a simple, custom-designed white table and a series of chic Tolix chairs arranged around it. Two industrial pendant lamps complement the space from above.


On the other side of the open plan is the social area characterized by a black and white cowhide area rug and industrial-style firewood storage. The space is casual, with nothing but a few seats dispersed around. Large sliding glass doors open the ground floor to an outdoor wooden deck and panoramic views.


A black steel staircase connects the ground floor to the upper loft spaces.


Originally, the barn had two hay lofts connected by a corridor. One became an open bedroom and the other was transformed into a closet and hobby room. Hanging clothing rods made of water pipes and rope add an original look to the space.


The bedroom loft has a farmhouse-style look with a modern twist. Stainless steel netting divided the areas while also serving as a safety feature and giving the space an industrial vibe.


A black steel bridge sits between the two lofts so the original layout was preserved and only modified in terms of style.


The sleeping area has a window partially hidden behind wooden shutters in order to preserve the original aspect of the building as much as possible.


The same loft also has a cozy reading nook.


The bathroom is infused with industrial accents. A factory window was transformed into a shower wall and the stone washbasin is really eye-catching with its rough and raw aspect.


Elements such as the surface-mounted wiring and all the porcelain switches and outlets offer the converted barn home a really unique vibe and give it character.

BOOOOX-Barn-porcelain-switches-and wiring