Old Times Victorian Hotel Pendant Bronze

Castles can make you feel like a royal figure where you can enjoy all the delights that a monarch can have at his or her disposal. You may enjoy the comfort of the royal room, the services offered by the servants and the loyalty of an entire people.The beauty of a castle resigns in its old, high quality details which seem to keep fresh the charm of a certain period and atmosphere. The impressive throne and chairs, the decorated walls and high doors or the presence of some massive crystal chandeliers make of this place a point of attraction for anyone. The moment you enter in such a place you become part of its history and charming environment. You begin to feel like a character of those old times and enjoy the beautiful interiors of that place.

Victorian Hotel Pendant Bronze

This charming Victorian Hotel Pendant Bronze can remind you of such a place and take you to that atmosphere. It can transform your room into a special place where definitely will become the focal point for any visitor.

It is a based on a Victorian-era fixture found in a grand European hotel. This Victorian Pendant Bronze is a combination of open metalwork typical of flame-powered lanterns with the modern design of internal candelabra .Its beauty consists in the fact that it is handcrafted of brass and has a nice bronze finish. It uses six  40W max. candelabra bulbs. A 3’L chain is also included and it is available at a special price of $ 1095-$ 1595.Now you have the opportunity to use this special pendant lamp for your own home and try to feel like inside a real castle.