Old Hospital converted into a new home

The old hospital has been restructured and renovated to look like a brand new spacious apartment with facilities like floating bedroom which is absolutely fantastic, a beautiful living room, two storey high ceilings and wonderful accents of rusticated wood and brick. These are the facilities one would hardly expect to be there in a hospital.


The building does not look like a hospital anymore and one could hardly believe that it ever used to be a hospital. It has been furnished with great wood work and excellent architecture starting from hardwood floors in light color up to the rooftop deck which is fully furnished. Earlier the hospital just used to be a building with set of spaces, highly sanitized and painted in white. But now, it is also imprinted with structural brickwork.


In the first glance, this new structure would not resemble the other apartments or condos which have been converted creatively earlier, and its interior design would definitely give a new look. It has been integrated with warm materials, profuse décor, modern touch and exposed structural elements to make up for any sense of hygienic and cold setting.