Old farm house restored of photographer Caroline Otteni

This used to be an old farm workers’ house. It’s located in a meadow of flowers and it’s surrounded by fruit trees, in a region close to the Baltic Sea in Germany. By the look of the exterior you would say that the house is probably just as bright and colorful on the inside. Well, that is usually true but not in this case.

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The house was restored by photographer Caroline Otteni who decided to adopt a different approach. She opted for a dark, cave-like décor. This friendly family home suddenly became an artistic mix of modern and rustic. The interior is somewhat theatrical, mostly because of the lack of light and the dark finishes. Instead of making the windows bigger to let more light let inside, the photographer decided to enhance the dark décor and to make it a purpose for the new design.

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Inside, the house is a series of interconnected rooms with clay plaster walls and rustic exposed beams in the ceilings. Some of the details are very rough and have been left intentionally unfinished. This way they contrast with the stylish furniture pieces and some of the vintage decorations. The play of light is amazing and it becomes obvious that this new décor benefited from a photographer’s talented eye. The mix of colors, finished and textures is also very beautiful and is a reflection of the owner’s style.