Old and New Come Together in a Gorgeous Office Interior Design

LYCS Architecture have created their own piece of heaven in Hangzhou, China. The office is a renovation of a tower penthouse with gorgeous views of the West Lake World Heritage.

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What was once a non-professional add-om storage room is now a great, inspiring office. Everything was thought to combine the two spaces and make them one through the material homogeneity and heterogeneity and temporal attenuation of space. The architects kept some of the original elements of the space in order to celebrate the authentic architecture language.

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The office has some great features, such as the eroded columns that contrast to the white steel frame of the roof and they, also, give the place some personality. Moreover have created a museum-like space, where everything stands out, just like an exhibit. Although almost everything is white, they kept the original layer of mosaic and cracked texture to give a level of ambiguity to the place.

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This inspiring office has lovely features and a clean, simple design with some pieces that stand out and make the space look stunning. The design celebrates multi-signatures over single signature, also revealing one of the philosophies of LYCS Architecture. How would you like to work in a place like this?