Ogden Dunes Indiana Residence With Private Courtyard

This compact but otherwise architectural house is located within a hilly dune landscape along Lake Michigan, United States. It was a project developed by Wheeler Kearns Architects. The owners wanted a place that would provide privacy and enclosure but that would also be airy and large enough to make everyone feel comfortable.

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The design of the house is rather compact and consists of a series of L-shaped masonry stucco walls that help functionally divide the place. Also, this configuration of walls allows multiple views to be available.

On the north, the house has an opening to a public beach. The access path to the beach opens up a little the site that is actually very narrow. The owners can admire the beautiful views to Lake Michigan and the Chicago skyline, available from several rooms of the house. The interior spaces of the house are functionally divided so that the public and the private rooms would not interfere with each other and that everyone would benefit from privacy. There is also a private courtyard that became the hearth of the house.

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There the owners chose to have native plants and a permeable landscape. It’s easy to maintain and take care of and it creates a natural environment and easily integrates into the surroundings. The house also has a south facing elevated deck that provides both privacy and an open area.