Israel Office Interior Design Inspired By The Human Anatomy

A lot of employers would agree that making people feel inspired and comfortable at the workplace is the most important thing. But you can’t really search the web for ideas and just apply them to your office because each company and each group are different and inspired by different things. Usually, this has a lot to do with the domain of activity of those involved. For Algotec, a tech company specialized in medical imaging, the inspiration came from the human body.

Algotec Offices meeting roomsView in gallery
There are many hints that point towards the inspiration source for this project
Algotec Offices shared social areaView in gallery
A lot of the patterns used throughout are inspired by cells and by tissue structures

The office was designed by Setter Architects in 2016 and is located in Ra’anana, Israel. They’re a local studio established in 1985 by Michael Michi Setter and they’re always aiming to integrate international and local influences with each client’s culture and unique preferences.

Algotec Offices corridorsView in gallery
The architects wanted to find the right balance between private and shared spaces
Algotec Offices frosted glass wallsView in gallery
The structure of the office and the interior design are inspired by human body elements such as cells and tissues
Algotec Offices work spacesView in gallery
The office has shared workstations for a better interaction between employees

The new Algotec Office occupies three floors in a larger building and all three floors are linked by an interior staircase. The staircase is private and only used by the company’s employees to interact with each other. It has in industrial design complemented by a series of unique hanging pendant lights which mimic the shape and structure of human tissue cells.

Algotec Offices wood panels on wallsView in gallery
The wood strips that make up the wall coverings for these spaces are reminiscent of the human ribcage
Algotec Offices wood and glass podsView in gallery
The strips provide a cover for the glass walls and partitions, creating a semi-private environment
Algotec Offices social nooksView in gallery
There’s a series of cozy nooks which can accommodate a few people at a time, perfect for daily interactions

Elements such as cells, tissues and the spinal column were the base for the design of the office. They inspired a lot of features, including the partitions that divide the meeting rooms and work spaces. The wooden strips that form the shell for the glass walls mimic the ribcage.

Algotec Offices interior staircaseView in gallery
The light fixtures suspended above the staircase are also inspired by cells and tissue
Algotec Offices staircase structureView in gallery
The office occupies three floors which are all connected by a private staircase

The architects’ main goal for this project was to translate all the human anatomy elements into a unique architectural language that would make the office look and feel fresh but also very pleasant and comfortable, almost like a home. New ideas and solutions were implemented in order to get the desired results.

Algotec Offices lounge spaceView in gallery
There’s a wonderful balance between closed and open spaces which create a nice dynamic
Algotec Offices TV areaView in gallery
The style chosen for the office is a combination of modern and industrial

As a general rule, the office maintains a fine balance between shared and private spaces and also between social and individual areas. This was applied to all three floors, each of which includes a combination of social and lounge sections, meeting areas and workspaces.

Algotec Offices shared and private space balanceView in gallery
Despite the large industrial design features, the space feels really inviting and comfortable
Algotec Offices conference roomsView in gallery
A homey and cozy ambiance is created by blending different materials, patterns and textures