Minimalist office interior makes simple colors comforting yet still professional

Balance is very important when designing and decorating an office. It has to look professional yet it also has to feel inviting and comfortable for those using it. Sometimes the relationship between these styles becomes very close and it’s difficult to put a label on the décor. In the case of this Advertising Agency office in Panama, you can see a very clean and simple design and a rather sober color palette. Nevertheless, the office looks like a very comfortable and pleasant work environment.

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The office was designed by Ippolito Fleitz Group. It’s a minimalist design and the predominant colors sued here are white, gray and black. Given the circumstances, it’s easy to imagine how such a décor could feel sad and depressing. But the designers cleverly used these simple colors to create a chic and welcoming ambiance.

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The furniture is very simple and functionality prevails over style but doesn’t take out of the picture. The idea was to create a practical and functional design which would allow employees to work efficiently and to be comfortable at their workplace at the same time. We love the fact that, even though there are bursts of color, they are not overwhelming and the overall design remains simple.