Office Drafting Chair

Offices are usually very simple in design and have only comfortable and sober furniture. Every once in a while you will see some interesting items that were brought by some interesting people who want to personalize their office, too, and make it a place where you feel fine and where you can leave your personal touch. This Office Drafting Chair is such an item and it shows personality. It has an industrial design that was best defined in the second part of the twentieth century. It is made in the USA and the materials used for manufacturing it are Steel and Maple. It also has a nice gray powder-coated finish on the welded steel base .

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The seating and the back rest are made of maple wood and are curved so as to follow the natural shape of the human body. The base is pretty interesting as it has five small legs supporting a steel circle that further links the upper part of the five legs until they are all gather in a bunch, leaving a single steel support for the chair seating. This giant “screw’ makes the chair height adjustable, so that you can make it perfectly comfortable for any person sitting there. The price for the item is $288.