Offi Nester Stacking Boxes

A famous TV commercial I saw a few years ago said there was also life after leaving the office. Well, I would not be so sure about it. We have our problems at work and most of the times we have to carry them with us at home. So we have our own corner or small place in the house where we work – a sort of home office. And the best furniture to purchase for this office or for your city office is something where you can store all your papers. Something like these beautiful and handy Offi Nester Stacking Boxes. They can be nested inside each other until you have only one big box with many smaller ones inside. They are easier to store this way and will save you a lot of space.


But when you do have something to put in them, they prove priceless. They are actually wooden cubes of different sizes, perfect for storing smaller or bigger office items or files. The boxes are simple in design and are crafted in molded ply. You can use them as bookshelves, storing boxes or even side tables, depending on your needs. They sell in sets of four and you get to choose the colour from birch or walnut veneer. The price for such a set is between $449 and $499.