Odd house designed by NRM-Architects Office

The first thing that comes in everyone’s mind when looking at this house is…what happened with all the windows? The most distinguishable detail about this structure is by far the fact that is only has one small window in a corner. The designers from NRM-Architects Office say that it’s because of the privacy issue.

House in Kitabatake

They couldn’t put more windows on the east and south because of the neighbors. Also, the west side was inaccessible as well because of the afternoon sun. So instead of designing windows they’ve decided to have just a big white wall. This wall does more than just be a part of the structure. The light from the east and south is being reflected on its inside to the rooms. So, to recap, the east, south and west sides could not support windows because of neighbors and sun. But still, there’s the north side. Here they plan to build large windows that will also allow a nice view. It’s about time this building had some windows.

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It must be a little strange to live in a house that has no opening to the outside world. It’s like living in a box. It’s very nice that neighbors are not allowed to see inside, but it’s sad that the ones inside can’t take a peak to see what’s going on outside. I can’t understand why they didn’t just choose reflecting glass for the windows. This way they could see outside but the other couldn’t see inside. It would have been so simple.