Ocean-inspired pillows

Personally I can’t wait to go to the beach and spend a few days there. Unfortunately I can only do that once a year and for a short period of time. I know that there are a lot of other people that feel the same, that started counting the days until their summer vacation. Until that happens, here are some beached-themed pillows that can either attenuate or increase your excitement.

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There are several patterns to choose from. All of them are inspired by beach-related elements. There’s the Anemone pillow, the Double Conch, the Octopus, the Staghorn Coral, the Sea Grass and the Trochus. Dl Rhein’s collection features very beautiful iconic ocean images that would complement any home giving it a more coastal style. The pillows measure 20’’ x 14’’. They are very soft and comfortable. All the pillows share the same color in terms of pattern. They have a white background with navy piping trim. These very beautiful handcrafter linen pillows feature 95/5 feather down insert. You can be sure they will increase your comfort and they will also look very beautiful in your home.

The pillows would look great regardless where you decide to place them. The bedroom is a good idea, as well as the living room sofa that often needs some decorations. Also, you can use them outside as long as you don’t forget to bring them inside afterwards.Available from 70$ each.