Obus Indoor/Outdoor Light

You have indoor lamps and you have outdoor lamps. They are all used for casting light and allowing you to see the things around and where you are going, but they are usually a bit different. For example you need a more brilliant and focused light because you need to see clearly what you are doing or to be able to read using that light. Whereas outside you need a gentle light that is used to show your way, but not perform minutious activities. Any way, this interesting Obus Indoor/Outdoor Light tries to combine all the qualities of these two kinds of lamps and it is made to be used both outdoors and indoors, too.

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That is why she has some special adjustments. For example if you place it on a flat surface it will cast some sweet ambiental light that is great for outdoors. But you can also hold it and lift it and in this case it will have a concentrated beam through its base to cast light where you need it. It can illuminate large areas evenly or focus or a small area. It is very easy to move from one place to another, as it works on batteries. Its LEDs use up to 3.2 watts of power and are rated to last 40,000 hours. It is made of PMMA  on the outside and it makes it weather resistant and great to use outdoors. Go here for further details and also if you want to purchase it for $250.