Obelisk – stackable furniture

Sometimes great ideas just pop into your mind when you try to find a solution for a certain unpleasant situation, when you have to confront some bad circumstances and you want a smart way out. For example the lack of space made people invent better ways of organizing their belongings in a pleasant, but space economic way. I think this is the basic idea that started the wonderful Obelisk furniture collection and made Dedon, its designer, think of this innovative way of stacking furniture when you are not using it.

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This is a set of lounge chairs that have a wonderful presentation and can be stacked perfectly when they are not used, so as to form an obelisk. The chairs and the table were very carefully designed so as to fit perfectly when stacked and the whole obelisk looks like a real work of art in itself, deserving to be displayed in a garden or lounge. It has already been used by famous hotels in different parts of the world like New Zealand, Spain, The Philippines , as it is opulent and attracts clients with its impressive look.

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The modern look and perfect architecture and also the name of a famous designer make it the perfect choice for luxury hotels and spas, especially where there are outdoor spaces to be filled with incredibly modern and nice furniture.