NY Times Crossword Cup

I don’t know if we all got inspired from the movies or the movies were inspired from reality, but I do know I like reading the newspaper when I drink coffee in the morning. When I finish reading the latest news I also enjoy solving the crossword puzzle most newspapers have on the last or last but one page. I do not finish it all the time and t really does not matter what it is about – I just do it to fill my time while I am sipping my everyday coffee. Well, the guys from Fihs Eddy had a great idea of combining the coffee mug with the crossword puzzle in the newspaper and they got this NY Times Crossword Cup.

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It is actually a very normal coffee mug, except for the fact that it is not plain white, but it has a crossword puzzle pattern on. What’s even more interesting and fun is the fact that these crossword puzzles are designed exclusively by New York Times Crossword editor Will Shortz. You can fill in the blanks with a marker if you really want to, but I find the idea really cute and unusual, interesting and fresh. You can but the item now for $7.95 and you can keep it or give it as a funny present, it’s totally up to you.