Nuvola Hanging Glass shelves

This wall hanging frame from Cattelan Italia will definitely catch your eye, as it is available in natural beech, walnut, cherry, wenge, matt black, matt white and in silver stained form. The glass shelf of this wall hanging frame is either made of clear glass and it is available in frosted glass, and both exuberate great individuality to any space or memory.

Cattelan italia nuvola double 425a

Glass shelves are always an elegant and stylish choice, regardless of the style and décor of the home. But glass shelves are usually screwed to the wall. But this collection features hanging glass shelves. There’s a structure mounted on the walls that sustains the whole glass structure. The shelves are linked together and cannot be separated. This is either very good or very bag.

I can see how the structure is safely mounted on the wall by that wooden structure, but this doesn’t make it safe. The shelves are free to move around and to balance. This means that the objects placed on them are not safe. I can see how this piece is good-looking and interesting, but I don’t find it very safe. The glass is probably heavy enough to keep the whole structure in place, but a small movement can easily change that. I would rather prefer separated glass shelves that look more stable.The wall glass is available for £1,620.