Nurseryworks Three Wide Dresser

When you have a baby you realize that your life has suddenly changed in more ways that you could have never imagined. For one, you must change the furniture. It is only natural to have furniture that is especially designed for the children’s room, but you start changing everything in your room, too. For instance you see that your kid has more clothes than you do and he or she is only half a year. That is why you should purchase new furniture like this beautiful Nurseryworks Three Wide Dresser.

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This dresser is absolutely beautiful and it is white, so it is quite compatible with any kind of room, no matter what kind of design it has. This piece of furniture is divided into three different compartments, perfect for a child or for a baby because they do not usually use hangers, but their clothes are rather folded. You can customize this dresser and choose whether to have two sets of drawers and a cabinet in the middle or three sets of drawers. It is made of lacquered MDF and birch and looks great. The design is simple but very nice and the whole white piece of furniture is supported by a brown wooden frame with four sturdy legs. All of it can be purchased for $1,850 from My Urban Child.