Nursery turned into an art studio

This is Julia’s art studio. It used to be a nursery room but, since it wasn’t needed anymore, she decided to give it a makeover. She needed a place where she could work and where she could create art along with her daughter so the nursery seemed like the perfect space for that purpose. The whole family worked on this project and it took them 6 weeks to complete it.

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They wanted to keep the cost to a minimum and managed to completely redesign the room for only $275. First, the walls needed to be painted. Since the studio would serve as a place to create but to also photograph art, the walls were painted white. But to break the monotony, the ceiling was painted turquoise. The curtains are the most colorful element besides the artwork itself.

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It has a colorful and dynamic pattern and it matches beautifully with the ceiling. The flooring was the most challenging part. The owners didn’t want to buy hardwood flooring for this room only because they wanted it to match with the rest of the house. As a result, they opted for tiles and they are really happy with the results.

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Up to this point, the décor was nice but it was still missing something. When the last piece of the project was complete it all fell into place. The last element to be added was an oversized 3D wall quote. The letters were made from paper-mache and spray-painted. It was a nice personal touch that made the room seem complete.{found on designsponge}.