Nursery Gym 3 – Fun Playhouse

Kids are very playful and they like playing all kinds of games indoors and outdoors. And when the weather is bad like it has been these days they are forced to stay inside and play. However, they are able to play for hours and if you offer them an appropriate and nice playground they will be totally satisfied. I am talking about a small and cute fun playhouse. The kids can use it any way they want and it is easy to move outside, too, so it’s a really nice gift for the kids’ room.

G730bigThis is the perfect playhouse for your kids because it is lightweight being entire made of plywood and plastic. All the parts are very easy to assemble and even mom and grandma can put it together. The playhouse is modular, meaning that you can take all the pieces and arrange them in the way you like it. Because this house is only inhabited by children, it has some nice carpet on the floor that will prevent future injuries when they fall on the ground. The carpet is washable and really safe. The panels can be interchanged and even taken off you can use your own imagination to arrange all the pieces as a you see fit. There are three beautiful gates that can be kept closed or removed. The kids will be simply fascinated by this and use it for play for a long time. You can buy it now for $1,680.