Nueva Esperanza School by al bordE

It’s said; one step and a time, and we could make a different. One step at a time, something incredible will come out. That is what happened in Puerto Cabuyal Community residing in the area near the beach and in the land, which agriculture and fishing are what supporting the daily living needs. Starting from a scratch, to a paper, and turned to something incredible.

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That is a school in this rural community that is known as the Nueva Esperanza School. It is indeed the pride of all belong to the Puerto Cabuyal Community.The Nueva Esperanza School was designed by al bordE.

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There was nothing in the beginning, and there wasn’t any school around. Not until four years ago that a school started in a cottage. As the population coming to school started to grow, a new building needed for the school in Puerto Cabuyal Community. Though at first most of the buildings for the school are shape in rectangular that is built with concrete and looked much like the jail than it is for a school, more steps have been taken to improve the school. It is now built with materials like bamboo and timber for a better indoor environment of learning.

The school has definitely grown to an amazing place for Puerto Cabuyal Community to learn, but to them their best nature is still the nature.