Notch 2tone by Alex Bradley

Traditional and conventional magazine racks, although they each have something special, they also share in common similar designs, based on the same concept. When everything is in sync and when the current concept seems to serve well, there’s no actual reason to change anything. However, it’s also when a change is most interesting and striking.

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Today we found a very interesting magazine rack. It doesn’t look like anything else we’ve seen so far and this makes it stand out even more. Named Notch 2Tone, this piece impresses with the simplicity of its design. It doesn’t take a complex or complicated design to offer function and efficiency. This magazine rack, for example, has an extremely simple structure. It was designed to be multifunctional, practical and easy to move around. You can move it from place to place or take with you when you want to take a break and read something.

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The Notch 2Tone magazine rack also serves as a small table or as a chair/stool. The bottom portion is the actual rack on which you can store your magazines or books. There’s also a place where you can put an open book so you remember where you stopped reading, a very simple but very useful feature, like a built-in bookmark. The magazine rack was designed by Alex Bradley and it’s a wonderful piece for modern and contemporary spaces. Put in your living room, bedroom, in the reading corner or in your home office and enjoy its versatility.