Enlarging Your Room With Stand-Alone Mirrors

If you have been struggling with trying to find ways to make your room feel larger, you may not have to look any further. Have you considered adding lighting colors, letting in more natural light, and using mirrors to reflect your room? Mirrors have been used in home design for years to make interiors feel larger. Although, recently stand-alone mirrors have been added to the trend and they not only enlarge your space but add a touch of drama and presence to any room.  Look at these beautiful ways to enlarge your room while adding character to your favorite space.

mirrors dining room
Try adding a stand-alone mirror to your dining room

Make your dining/living room feel larger:  

Anytime you entertain friends and family over for a meal, don’t you enjoy your meal when your dining space is welcoming and inviting? For many homeowners their dining room is less than appealing and adding natural light and a stand-alone mirror could help create a larger feeling space. Remember when using mirrors, ensure your walls, furnishings, and decor are what you want to reflect! Meaning, take time to ensure your wall colors, fabrics and decorative elements are pleasing to your eye to enhance and not detract from your dining room space.

mirrors stand alone living room
Two mirrors make this living room feel larger

Functional purposes for stand-alone mirrors:

While your mirrors can be used to add beauty to your space, they also work well for utilitarian purposed. In home gyms are a great example of enlarging your space and in placing them behind your treadmill, exercise mat area, and along the perimeter walls will help your home gym feel functional and will create a real-gym experience.

mirrors home gym
Mirrors in a home gym serve a functional purpose too!

Creating drama in your bathroom:

Most bathrooms tend to shy away from drama unless you designed the space yourself. If you are trying to create a bathroom that adds glamour, distinction and formality, try adding a stand-alone mirror! Depending on the style of your interiors, choose a mirror that showcases the decorative elements and architectural details of your bathroom. If you have a freestanding bathtub, why not add a floor to ceiling stand-alone mirror behind it? The reflection of the bathtub and surrounding finishes will add a sense of grandeur to your bathroom, and you can use it for getting dressed and personal grooming as well. Another idea is to place a stand-alone mirror adjacent to your vanity area to enlarge your sink space, but also take advantage of views or areas where a wall mounted mirror may not be feasible.

mirrors enlarging bathroom
Create a bathroom that has drama and sophistication
mirrors standing bathroom
Your bathroom will love the mirror!

While you may have not looked at stand-alone mirrors before today, reconsider them for your home. Whether your home is large or small, there is a use for them, especially in your public areas and in rooms that need functionality such as a home gym. Whether you are trying to add light or the feeling of space, a stand-alone mirror will instantly change the dynamic of any room in your home. If you are feeling creative, make your own! Recycled and repurposed mirrors are a great option and will transform your interiors without a lot of time and effort.

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