Nostalgic Neon Harvey Davidson Clock

When you are young and rebel you like dangerous things like the motorbikes, so most young people have a crush on Harley Davidson motorcycles, since they are the best or at least the most famous ones. Well, as you grow older your passion fades away and you have kids, so you can no longer endanger them and yourself, so you will not be a “biker” any more unless in your soul. But you will always be nostalgic about it and you will always love the things that remind you of the glorious days. That is why designers make such things like this Nostalgic Neon Harvey Davidson Clock that you can use in a bar but also in your living room.

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First of all the clock is shaped like a motorbike tire and is perfectly round. It is illuminated with the glow of orange neon. The round housing of the clock mechanism is made of rugged metal and it is blackwrinkle powdered coated . That gives it resistance in time and durability. The design of the clock face  is accented with glass border graphics. There are the regular arabic numbers spread around the dial and also the Harley Davidson emblem in the middle. You can choose whether to use the neon light inside the dial or not, depending on the clock location. The clock has three arms (one for seconds, too) and can be bought for $327.49.