Northstar refrigerator with Removable Brew Master draft system

Northstar refrigerators are always good because of their high utility value and the latest version comes with a removable Brew Master Draft System. The system is factory installed and it includes through-the-door tap dispenser, coupler, connections, CO2 cylinder and drip tray. It is always up to the owner to decide what refrigeration need is the more urgent one for him.

Northstar refrigerator brew master draft systemView in gallery

The owner can add his preferred keg of his favorite brew and pull the tap to enjoy the serving. Just in case he intends to use the full fridge capacity, he will simply have to remove the keg and fittings. The company is offering a  total of 3 shelve configurations and the entire system bears a price tag of $800.The black color is perfectly for a white kitchen interior.