North Lake Wenatchee House on 277 sqm

Located near Lake Taupo, in Taupo Tauranga/ Oruatua, New Zealand, Rutherford House seems to be the perfect holiday house, no matter it is summer or winter. It is a modern house, with concrete base, beautiful interior spaces, a white veranda which promises to reveal the secret of an ideal holiday.

Rutherford House1

The entire design of the house was carefully accomplished by Tim Dorrington Architects; there is a permanant flow and movement which can be perceived all around the house and, probably one of the most intriguing aspects is the one related to the meticulous care proved with every detail, every material, with the unique exposure of decorative objects. The stairs and the deck are among the elements which contribute to the idea of creativity, of using all the corners and spaces as well as possible.

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Another appropriate example of creativity would be the materials chosen for this house, especially the ones regarding the floor and the ventilation system: wood, glass, concrete are only a few hints.  The form of the house is contemporary and suggests the idea of a new, bold, modern space, with nice furniture and essential objects, all placed in a very pleasant environment, a beautiful landscape which brings that mental balance we all need from time to time.{found on archdaily}