Nordic meets industrial in a small loft

Making good use of the space available in a small apartment is not that difficult when you have a sense of style. You can’t use just anything. You have to know whether it suits the space or not. Most often, small spaces feature simple designs and, in that case, the Nordic style is a perfect choice. It’s a style defined by brightness and an overall light and airy atmosphere. These are the characteristics that best define this loft.

67m industrial loft1

Even though it’s small, this loft has high ceilings and this makes a big difference. The ceilings offer a unique perspective on the space and they add depth to all the rooms. When you’re using a Nordic style for the interior, usually the problem is making the room feel warm and cozy.

67m industrial loft

67m industrial loft2

67m industrial loft3

67m industrial loft4

67m industrial loft5

When the dimensions are reduced, it all becomes simpler. Allocating the space is a challenge. In the case of this loft, the space was used in a smart and clever way. Nothing is wasted and the internal structure and layout are also very well chosen.

67m industrial loft6

67m industrial loft7

67m industrial loft8

67m industrial loft9

67m industrial loft10

67m industrial loft11

67m industrial loft12

67m industrial loft13

67m industrial loft14

67m industrial loft15

The style employed for the interior is not purely Nordic. It also has industrial influences. For example, the staircase is a wonderful focal point showcasing the beauty of this style. The spiral staircase is situated behind the kitchen and it leads to the top floor. The same influence can also be seen in some of the other features such as the pendant lights, some of the furniture and certain accessories.{found on Alexander White}.