Nordic Flat Garnished With Furniture Made From Recycled Pallets

Recycling can turn out to be very productive and very helpful in most cases. You never know what reassure you may discover in something perceived as useless by some people. A wonderful example would be the wooden pallets which some consider to be useless while others see them as almost unlimited sources of innovative ideas and designs.

Swedish apartment reclycled furniture

This flat is perfect example. As you can see, a good part of its furniture is made from recycled wooden pallets. The headboard from the bedroom, the coffee table from the living room and the desk are all made from wooden pallets. They look particularly beautiful in this décor, given the color palette and the simplicity of the design.

Swedish apartment reclycled furniture1

Swedish apartment reclycled furniture2

Swedish apartment reclycled furniture3

Swedish apartment reclycled furniture4

Swedish apartment reclycled furniture5

The wood furniture adds warmth and also introduces color into the decors of the rooms. Overall, the interior design is, in this case, simple but also well-balanced. It has an inviting look thanks to the combination between the white walls and the wooden furniture.

Swedish apartment reclycled furniture6

Swedish apartment reclycled furniture7

Swedish apartment reclycled furniture8

Swedish apartment reclycled furniture9

Swedish apartment reclycled furniture10

Swedish apartment reclycled furniture11

Located on the ground floor, this Nordic flat has a very nice charm, like all apartments from this part of the globe. The style that dominates this area dictates a simple, almost minimalist type of interior design. Also, the color palette is mostly based on white and other bright shades. However, to make the atmosphere feel inviting and welcoming, some warmth is needed into this white and bright space. By using recycled pallets to make the furniture, the designer managed to add character to this space in a very simple and basic way.{found on Per Jansson}.