Nomos faucet from Fima Carlo Frattini

Nowadays the kitchen has become the center of attention and when you have some latest technology for kitchen is awesome. The Italian company Fima Carlo Frattini introduces the Nomos faucet which is the next generation for faucets .Its a combination between electronic mechanics that add comfort and efficiency, quality. The Nomos faucet features a touch-screen and easy-to-read graphic icons, letting you fine-tune your flow.

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It’s nice when you have all these options that technology gives you. I’m not sure that it’s necessary to have a touch-screen faucet, but since there is one we might as well use it. For those who like to keep up with the technological discoveries and who love to go shopping for new features that can improve their lifestyle, this is just another example of new features.

This new kitchen faucet would look great in a modern kitchen. Of course the rest of the kitchen features would have to be at the same level. So the next time you’re renovating your home or just your kitchen, keep in mind this new faucet. It has a very simple design, with clean lines and no details, except for the touch-screen. And when you think about it, we have touch-screens on our phone, cars and other items, so we might as well take advantage of this feature and include it in other pieces as well.