Nike Air Hangar In Portland By TVA Architects

TVA Architects have created an amazing building on the outskirts of Portland, Oregon. Siting on a 40,000 square foot site the Nike Air Hangar is located at the suburban Hillsboro Airport.

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The hanger is white with the USA’s flag on one of the walls. This design creates the feeling of a clean, big, airy space. Moreover the places for travelers and pilots are very modern, spacious and have some luxurious elements. These rooms have huge windows that bathe these spaces in natural light. What’s more the exterior has a simple design, with trees and benches for relaxing and enjoying a beautiful summer day. Another interesting feature is a room full of sporting items, a real man’s den equipped with a comfy armchair and two televisions.

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Privately owned by Nike this facility has a lot to offer apart from the three Gulfstream G5 jets for executive business travel. It houses a lounge, exercise facilities, executive suites, meeting space and gourmet kitchen.

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All in all, the Nike Air Hangar is an interesting first class property. It is a interesting building that surprises by its simple details and modern interior design.