Nielson Wall Art Set of 9

Big families are fun because , as you know – “The more, the merrier”. Indeed, when you have a big family reunion, if there are many people involved there’s always fun and there will be at least one person who is responsible with jokes and fun, with being the link between all the other family members. My family is pretty big and, is spite of the occasional differences, we have always had good time for Easter and Christmas and the other celebrations.  This Nielson Wall Art Set of 9 is perfect for wall design in a house with many people. That means you can use it to personalize your wall design and make it funny and nice.

10349 1These flowers are molded and made to be fixed on the wall, as an interesting and personalized decor, as you can apply a photo of each of your family members in the middle of each flower, this way having the whole family tree displayed as little or bigger flowers on your wall. What is really unusual about this set of flowers is the way they get fixed on the wall: they have a magnet and a tack that gets fixed on the wall. This way each flower will stay on the wall thanks to the magnet, but you will be able to remove and replace it whenever you want to. This entire set of flowers that suggest family love and also spring can now be purchased for $20.