Nice Pendant Lamp Collection by Inhabit

Soda or mineral water is one of my favorite drinks. I just love the bubbles, I know is a healthy drink and it always quenches my thirsty. I even remember of my pregnancy period when doctor recommends you the simple water without any bubbles. I tried to follow the recommendation but I could not exclude my precious soda from my menu. I could not resist it especially on the hot summer days which proved to be very difficult for me.

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If you are a really loyal person to this type of drink you may find out that there can be made amazing things from the soda bottles. So you can take the example from the design house, Inhabit which seems to be known for its eco-friendly attitude and products. It succeeded to create a nice Pendant Lamp Collection entirely made of recycled soda bottles.

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This collection is made from 100 percent certified PET fabric comprised of recycled soda bottles. Each lamp comes with a 5’ clear braided cord and a 6” diameter brushed nickel canopy. “Jackson” which has a price of $220 and “Tucker” which is available for $265 are each of  9” high x 20” wide, while “Cooper” which can cost you $180 runs 8” x 18”.All of them come in different fabric colors and patterns so that you can choose those that fit your tastes and interiors.