Nice Leather Carpets from Pacha-Mama

I know that nowadays it’s trendy to be eco, and “green”, to eat only natural products and use synthetic fur and everything. However, I do believe that wearing leather is ok because it is so much better than synthetic leather, especially on the shoes and boots. I know it is a lot more expensive, but Hey! – quality always costs more. Any way, I found these amazing leather carpets made of Italian leather (cow skin) that will give style to your home. I think they are perfect both in modern homes and also in more rustic ones. That is because of the wonderful design of these leather carpets. They look like celestial bodies or stars as they are made of little or bigger round pieces of leather that are linked together by thin leather threads or they are sown directly to each other.

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These carpets look spectacular and feel the same and if you combine them with a big imposing leather armchair or sofa, the effect is guaranteed. The guys from Pachamama have more collections of leather carpets and they all look amazing. They come in different colors and sizes, so as to offer the customers the possibility to choose exactly what they need. Here are a few models belonging to the Cosmic and Sunshine collections. More about the other collections on the manufacturer’s web site.

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