7 Ways To Craft A Lampshade That Shares Your Style

Is your desk or nightstand lamp starting to look old and boring? That happens sometimes but there’s a simple thing you can do about it. A DIY lampshade could be the perfect idea. As a lot of other DIY projects, crafting a lampshade can be very simple. The best part is that the result will be unique and you’ll be able to customize it however you want.

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Give your lamp a little bit of Halloween flair. Make the new shade look like a witch’s hat. This seems like a fun project for the kids although a lot of adults would get excited about it as well. A simple approach would be to use an existing shade and to simply give it a cosmetic makeover.


An interesting and simple idea for giving a plain lampshade a custom look involves wrapping it in fabric. And since you’re doing that, how about trying a new dyeing technique called Shibori? You can find out all the details about it on redhousewest. Here you’ll see how a beautiful handcrafted lamp got a new shade that suits it wonderfully.

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To give the lamp a more feminine look, a fabric flower shade would be just what you need. The lampshade can be crafted using a circle cutting tool, fabric, a hot glue gun and an actual plain lampshade to attach the flowers to. The project is described in detail on heartherednest. You’ll need time and patience so be prepared.

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The slide lampshade featured on redhousewest requires a set of specific supplies which might be difficult to find. You’ll need slides, a light box, vellum, double-sided tape, book binding tape and a lamp frame. First you choose the slides, then you arrange them in a grid. Connect them with tape and attach the vellum. Then form the lampshade using the frame. A similar idea is offered on mysocalledcraftylife.

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Instead of replacing the whole lampshade with a new one a different approach can be to give the old one a new look. Perhaps adding some fabric rosettes would do the trick. You just need some strips of fabric and a few colored buttons. You can then attach the rosettes to the lampshade using double-sided tape. {found on aswellplacetodwell}.

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When it’s cold outside all you want is for you and everything around you to be warm and cozy. So how about this: give your lampshade a sweater. It’s actually a cute and really simple project. It involves an old sweater, a lampshade, some elastic and a sewing machine. Pull the sweater over the lampshade and cut at the top and bottom. Measure and cut the elastic and then pin it to the sweater and sew it in place. We found this fun idea on farmfreshtherapy.

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On ohohblog you can find out how to make a lamp from scratch. You’ll need four pieces of wood, small nails, a hammer, wood glue, wood stain, white paint, varnish, a bulb, wire, a plug socket, a switch and a plug as well as a drill. First you build the frame and then you stain it. Paint the interior white Assemble the plug and switch on the wire. Make a hole in the frame and run the wire through. Fix the bulb socket in place.