10 Corky DIY Projects You Should Definitely Try

What do you usually do with the cork after you open a bottle of wine? Throw it away? You’re so boring! There are lots of other more interesting things you can do with wine corks. Some require a whole lot of corks so you’d better start collecting them. Others are simpler and less resource demanding.

DIY a Cork bath mat

Let’s start with something very practical: a bathroom mat. The idea is wonderful because a wine cork mat offers you a soft and warm surface to step onto when you get out of the shower. In addition, the mat is really easy to make and all you need is a shadow box and a bunch of corks.

Craft a bath mat from corks

There are also other ways to craft a cork mat for the bathroom. One option is offered of Craftynest. If you want to make a bat that looks exactly like this one, you’ll need 175 qine corks, non-adhesive shelf liner and a hot glue gun. First you cut each cork in half lengthwise. Then you arrange them all into a rectangle with the flat sides down. Measure and cut the shelf liner and then transfer the corks onto it, gluing them one by one.

Wine Cork trivet DIY

A project that requires fewer corks would be a trivet for the kitchen. To make one you’ll need around 31 wine corks. They must all have the same height. Cut each one in half and sand the rough edges. Arrange them in the desired pattern and glue their sides together. At the end, glue ribbon to the outer edge. {found on craftynest}.

Cork topped trunk coffee table

Here’s another interesting project also featuring wine corks. We found this one by Mom4real. It’s a cork-topper coffee table. Check out the details and adapt the project to your own preferences. You can use it as inspiration for a lot of interesting furniture makeovers.

DIY champagne cork knobs

Champagne corks have a very particular shape that makes them really great for this particular project. Check out Dollarstorecrafts for instructions on how to turn champagne corks into drawer knobs. You’ll need some screws and screwdriver. Basically you just insert a screw into the drawer hole and then you press the cork and twist it in a clockwise direction.

Cork Candle Holder

If you have some extra wine corks and nothing to use them for, how about a candle holder? You need two cylinders: a small one and a large one. Put the small one inside the large cylinder and then fill the space in between with corks. It doesn’t really get simpler than that. {found on twotwentyone}

Wine Glass Charm

A few corks should be enough for this lovely project. These are monogrammed glass charms. They’re really cute and also useful when you have guests over. Each charm is personalized with the initial of the one using it. This way everyone will know exactly which glass is theirs. Check out Cfabbridesigns for instructions on how to make these.

Wine cork keychains

Another really simple idea is to make a wine cork keychain. All you’ll need is wine corks and keychain rings and screw eyes. Put the screw eye on the keychain ring and screw it into the end of a wine cork. You can then personalize it however you want. {found on cleverlyinspired}.

Wine Cork Jewelry Organizer

Wine corks can also be used for making a jewelry organizer. The one featured on Jjaybirdblog is really easy to craft. You need a frame, some fabric, a few wine and champagne corks, thumb tacks and a hot glue gun. Glue the fabric to the frame. Then decide where you want to place each cork and glue them down. Secure them with thumbtacks.

Wine cork chandelier

It’s also possible to use wine corks for more complex projects such as the chandelier featured on Moxandfodder. You’ll need a lot of corks and plenty of time and patience. You can adapt and customize the project. For example, you could spray paint the corks for a bold look.