5 DIY Reading Lamps With Minimal Designs

Finding the right reading lamp can prove to be a challenge and sometimes it’s just easier to design or make it yourself. There’s several things you need to keep in mind when starting such a project. First of all, think of the space you want to use the lamp in. also, figure out what the right size should be. You can then take care of the little things. Let’s see how such a project would look like.

Architectural design table lamp

This is a lamp with an architectural design. To build it, you need a saw, some nails, some hardwood, a small PVC pipe and wood glue. First, cut the pieces to be used for the top and the bottom of the lamp’s base. Drill holes at the centers and connect them with a strip of wood. You can then attach the other strips forming X patterns on the sides. The PVC pipe goes at the top and holds the lampshade. You can find more detailed instructions on Pneumaticaddict.

DIY accordion sconces

A reading lamp with a flexible structure is usually very practical. Being able to adjust the angle the light comes at is a nice feature for such an accessory. Check out Thegatheredhome for instructions on how to build such a sconce. The accordion arm makes the whole design stand out. You can customize the rest in a lot of interesting ways.

Simple concrete lamp

Isn’t this lamp cute and chic? Its design is so simple and so basic there’s nothing you could add to make it better. It all starts with a wooden board which you cut into 5 pieces that measure 14×16 cm respectively 14×14 cm. With these you build a box. Then make the concrete mix and pour it in. fill the box and shake to get rid of air pockets. 48 hours later you can disassemble the box. Remember to insert the wire through a hole before you pour in the concrete. The socket also goes in at that time. {found on instructables}.

Wooden cube lamp DIY

If you’d like to make a reading lamp that has a minimalist and modern design, check out the example featured on oHohblog. To make a cube lamp like this one, you need a few pieces of wood, small nails, wood glue, stain, white paint, varnish and a drill. Assemble the piece, stain and paint it and install the bulb.

Modern farmhouse reading lamp

Another chic and simple project can be found on Thedempsterlogbook. To make this reading light you need two pieces of wood, paint or stain, cord, black spray paint, a wire light cage and an Edison bulb. Cut one of the wood pieces at an angle and spray paint the wire cage. Assemble everything and mount the fixture on the wall.