6 DIY Design Strategies For Crafting Decorative Door Stoppers

Door stoppers are mainly practical but, besides this, they also need to look great. After all, they’ll be visible and you want them to be in sync with the rest of your home’s décor. The multitude of designs you can choose from is overwhelming which is why we’ll only focus on the DIY category.

Decorative door stop
Decorative door stop in white paint
Decorative door stop in action

The designs and styles you can choose fro varies so let’s first have a look at a door stopper which has a little bit of vintage appeal. You can make one using a small finial and a furniture bumper. You can either attach it to the wall or to the door, calculating where these two would meet.{found on landeeseelandeedo}.

Modern concrete with rope door stoop

You’ll want your door stoppers to be heavy in order to hold the door firmly in place. Considering this, let’s have a look at these concrete door stoppers. To make them, you’ll need molds, concrete mix, tape, rope and some galvanized couplers. Check out the tutorial on Homemademakeovers for detailed information on this project.

Door Stop Tutorial Design

You could also use a miniature bean bag as a door stopper. In fact, the strategy would be perfect. Take a look at the tutorial provided on Seamsandscissors for more details on how to craft such a door stopper. You’ll need fabric, ribbon or burlap, dry beans or lentils and cotton batting.

Leather wood door stop

If you prefer something sleek and modern, the design featured on Homemadebycarmona would be just right. To build this door stopper, you’ll need a piece of wood, some white paint, a saw, a drill, a leather strip, some sandpaper, a brass finishing washer and some flat head wood screws. Draw a straight line across the wood and saw along this line, paint the tip white and then attach the leather strap.

Rope door stop

Another great idea is to make a rope door stopper. Have you ever tried to make a monkey’s fist knot? It looks really beautiful and has a lot of great decorative uses. To learn how to tie a monkey’s fist knot, check out diynetwork.

Nautical door stop from rope

This is how the design previously described would look like when it’s all finished. You can customize its look by selecting a specific type of rope. For example, you can give your door stopper a nautical look. Make it as big or as small as you want it to be. You can also control how heavy it is by inserting a ball at the center. {found on completely-coastal}.