How To Work With Acrylic Bedside Tables for The Best Results

Acrylic and glass are sometimes used for accent furniture pieces such as a coffee table or a nightstand. The reasons for that are diverse. In some cases, it’s the desire to make a space appear larger and keeping the décor as airy as possible. In other cases, it’s because the transparency of these pieces creates interesting visual effects in a certain context. Next, we’ll have a look at a few such bedside tables, analyzing their impact on the room’s overall interior design.

Acrylic Bedside Table and Lamp

Let’s consider for a second the possibility of creating a combination between a nightstand and a lamp. The combination is really clever and not at all difficult to put into practice, especially if you choose to make the bedside table yourself out of acrylic pieces. You can find an example on apartmenttherapy. In this case, lace fabric was glued to the underside of the acrylic sheets and the back side was left open to allow air to flow freely. Basically you can just have a table lamp placed inside and you wouldn’t need to make any modifications.

Acrylic nightstand

Whether you make the acrylic bedside table yourself or you buy it, it doesn’t really matter. What’s important is the way you use it in your home. There are many ways to take advantage of such a piece. For example, use it to make a bedroom look fresh and airy.

small acrylic nighstand

If you have a bedroom décor that’s pretty busy as it is, then you’d prefer an acrylic bedside table instead of one made of solid wood or other materials. A small and transparent design will allow you to work with patterned area rugs and other eye-catching elements without making the room look too busy or cluttered.

Rectangular acrylic end table

There is such a thing as overdecorating. When too many patterns, textures and furniture pieces are put together in the same space, the rooms tends to look smaller and less inviting. It’s important for a bedroom to be a relaxing and comfortable space so consider acrylic bedside tables if you want to maintain that look.

Acrylic modern nighstand

A minimalistic nightstand such as this one will have very little impact on the room’s décor. This means you can use it in combination with other more eye-catching elements, including geometric patterns and strong combinations of colors. Its simplicity also works well with various textures and materials.

Modern bedroom with lucite nightstand

An acrylic nightstand is ideal if you want the bedroom to have a very crisp and bright look. When white is the main color used in a room, this option is often ideal. Try to maintain this open and airy look by working with neutral colors and color combinations and simple materials and finishes.

Acrylic modern endtable

A bedside table can actually be more than that, also serving as a desk in some cases. If you don’t want it to stand out, then an acrylic one would be your best option. This way even a large desk would blend in. The items you place on the table would be the only hint suggesting the presence of a furniture piece in that particular spot.

Acrylic cubes

Georgia Ezra came up with a really inspiring series of customizable furniture. These transparent modules can be stacked and used in a lot of great ways, including as nightstands or bedside tables. Their versatility is partially due to their simplicity and transparency.