Nice Cosmo Rug

There is something about dandelions that makes you behave like a child, that makes you feel you are young again and enjoy life. So every time you see one you want to blow it and watch the small little umbrellas float around in a joyful dance. No wonder then that this beautiful Nice Cosmo Rug is so popular and all the people love it. But there is something even more interesting about this rug that made me stop for a while and take a good look at it: its design. The design is so cleverly and skillfully made that you see different things when looking from different angles.

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For example kids see nice and puffy dandelions , like I said in the beginning of this article, but grown-ups see sunburst explosions. Actually that is why the rug is called Cosmo rug – because of the cosmic explosions pictured there. Apart from this the rug has a warm combination of colours and is very pleasant for the eyes. It is hand tufted and hand finished by very talented craftsmen who use New Zealand wool as their material of choice. It has a cotton or latex back that prevents it from slipping and is available in different sizes. You can have it for a price between $399-$1,099.