Nice Cóm-oda Folding Chairs by Mr. Simon

Pieces of furniture are indispensable but they also occupy much of our space. We cannot live without the existence of a table, bed or chair. It is the reason why more and more people prefer the multifunctional or foldable pieces of furniture. These items help them save money, space and they are also very practical.

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Here it is an example of some nice Cóm-oda Folding Chairs designed by Mr. Simon. The Spanish term “cóm-oda” mean “comfortable and it also refers to the English term “commode”.

In the 1700s commodes were very fashionable and appeared decorated and featured marquetry motifs or carvings. This Cóm-oda set of folding chairs is also very comfortable and the wonderful thing about it is that doubles as a nice side table when not in use. As the models of commode in 1700s, it also features a printed image on its exterior side. Imagine how nice you can fold all these chairs and get a lot of space and replace them with a very beautiful side table that everybody will admire it.

Com oda folding chairs mrsimon 2b thumb 468x468 32628

Cóm-oda Folding Chairs is a set that represents an excellent choice for the moment when you have many guests and you need many chairs and the space that you have available for their deposit is not so much.