Nice Baroque Rug with Paisley Design

The Baroque style is long gone, but it still remains one of the most famous styles in architecture and also in many other fields. Most of all it is well known for its minutely designed details and all the richness of embroidery. It is rich and uses expensive materials, as it appeared in the home of the royalty and should surprise and totally overwhelm you. This Nice Baroque Rug with Paisley Design is a beautiful and exquisite piece of work and, even if it is now in the speed century, it still keeps and shows something from the old days of baroque flourishing time.

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The rug is hand woven and made of cotton and it looks absolutely fantastic. The pattern is traditional and is rich with details. It is beautifully bordered and this can underline its beauty and style when placed against a light colour flooring. It is also great for separating the room into distinct areas. Besides, if you want to create a magic atmosphere in your living room or maybe to bring something of the ancient times, the rug is perfect. I love it because it combines in a discreet and great way its usefulness, high quality and design, being perfect for interior decorators. The price of the rug is $99.95.