How To Upcycle Old T-shirts Into Funky Area Rugs

Have you ever thought about using old T-shirts to make area rugs? Probably not, since the idea is so unusual and almost silly. However, it really works and if you’re curious and have some free time to spare, how about trying it yourself? At the same time, you can clean up your closet and get rid of the things you no longer use.

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The first method requires you to have a lot of patience. It’s not a difficult project but it definitely takes a lot of time to complete. Basically you’ll be cutting your old shirts into strips that twist onto themselves. You’ll basically attach them one by one onto a thick piece of fabric you’ll be using as a base for the area rug.{found on rachelmahan}.

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A simpler and also faster method would be to make a braided rug. Keep in mind that you’ll need quite a few shirts for this project. Start by cutting them into strips. Roll them into balls and start to braid them. Combine two or three colors at once and make one super long braid. Then start to sew the braids in order to get a circular or oval shape. You can find more detailed instructions on Mypoppet.

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If you prefer a circular area rug, check out Instructables for more info. The rug featured here was made using 5-10 old t-shirts. First you cut them into strips and turn them into one long piece of fabric. Stretch it out and start to make the braid. Then, starting from the center, you coil the braid around itself and attach each layer to the next.