Simple DIY Green Wreaths With Small Budget Requirements

Wreaths are the go-to decoration for a lot of different occasions, including Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving and a lot of other holidays. And every time there are tons of designs and options to choose from. Green wreaths are always an option regardless of the season. You can make them yourself using simple supplies and with a very small budget.

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Boxwood wreaths can be quite expensive. But did you know there’s actually a shrub that looks a lot like boxwood called yew? If you don’t mind the slight difference, go ahead and use that as the main material for your wreath. Clip a few branches and use them to decorate the wreath form. Use craft wire to keep the branches in place. This idea came from Emmyinherelement.

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A different alternative, also for a boxwood wreath, is described on Andersonandgrant. The supplies needed for this wreath include fake boxwood, green floral wire and a grapevine wreath. Attach the branches to the wreath and keep them in place using floral wire. Repeat until you cover the whole form.

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Of course, there’s also the option of actually using boxwood. If you have boxwood bushes in your yard then you’re lucky because you can get take a few clippings, come back inside and start working on the wreath. Then you collect the stems in piles and you use them to decorate a grapevine wreath. And if you can’t find boxwood, just use any other plants you can find. {found on lizmarieblog}.

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You must be pretty sick and tired of boxwood by now so let’s also take a look at a different type of wreath. The one featured on blog.darice is really interesting and inspiring. It’s a succulent wreath and to make it you need various small succulents, a grapevine wreath and a glue gun. The idea is simple. You trim the stems and then you glue the succulents to the wreath one by one. If you’d rather not use hot glue for this part, you can come up with a different solution such as using floral wire.