Niagara Counter Table

Counter tables are used for cooking. This is the place where you bring all the vegetables and all the other ingredients when you start cooking and you wash them, chop them and do whatever you have to do with them afterwards. So in my opinion counter tables are the centerpiece for any kitchen and for any cook. This Niagara Counter Table is amazing not because it is just another counter table that is large and useful, but because it has wheels and is movable – a great adjustable working station. You can push it a bit and move it in any corner of the kitchen you might want to in order to be closer to the cooker or to the window, if you ant more space after cooking and so on.

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When you want the counter table to stay still, so that you can use it as a kitchen table, just lock the wheels and then it will be just a regular table. This counter table can be smaller or bigger, depending on your choice, and you can also choose it to be rectangular or square. The furniture piece is very resistant, too, as it has a nice and shiny stainless steel base and a counter made of walnut or oak. The wood is then polished and lacquered, having a glamorous and elegant look in the end. The combination between wood and steel gives it an industrial look, but a nice one. The item is now available in Gus stores.