Nextmaruni Chair by SANAA

While surfing the Internet I always get distracted by unusual things and designs. They always draw my attention and I find them really cool. Today I found this interesting chair that has a really unusual and unique shape. It is called the Nextmaruni chair and it was designed by a Japanese couple who call themselves SANAA. Their real names are Kazuyo Sejima and  Ryue Nishizawa and they proved to have quite a lot of imagination.

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Initially they made this chair out of birch wood and they kept the original color of the wood. But that happened back in 2005 and since then they decided to make the chairs more colorful and now they are available in many colors both in Asia, but also in America.The American producer is Lola.The unusual shape of this chair is given by the space in between the two halves of the backrest. These two halves are not totally separated, but they meet somewhere near the seat. However, this space is not big enough to be uncomfortable and to allow your back to slip in between. It is rather comfortable.

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