New York Starbust lamp by Yellow Goar Design

If you’re the happy proprietor of a contemporary apartment, this lamp is just what is missing. It’s an extremely striking piece, definitely something that would become an eye-catching object and the subject of many discussions. However, you have to be careful.With a piece like that in the middle of your living room any other supplementary detail would look like it’s too much.

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This contemporary art piece from Yellow Goat Design is not something that a lot of people would consider including in their home décor. However, there is that particular category of people, especially young couples, that like to challenge themselves. It’s not unusual for them to choose striking details like this one. It’s a very unusual interpretation. A starbust made of stainless steel and shards is not something that you see very often. It’s a daring piece and you have to be very sure before purchasing something like this.

I don’t have any information related to the dimensions of this pendant, nor to the price. It seems like a very distinctive design, not like those who you usually find in stores. So I doubt that it’s accessible. Anyway, it’s definitely a unique piece. It probably requires a lot of work when assembling it and mounting it on the ceiling, first of all because it’s heavy and also because of the sharp corners. I wouldn’t want to be underneath that pendant in case it falls off.