New Rules for Wine Cellars

Gone are the days when wine was stored in the basement or some other banished part of the home. These days your wine collection can and should be part of your home décor. Here are some creative ways to display your wine.

Build a Wine Cabinet.

Kitchen wine stand
Wine Cabinets are Simple Yet Stylish

Integrate you favorite wines into the furniture. A wine cabinet is a great way to display your wine collection to your guests and also allow it to form part of the décor. Keep the cabinet doors made of glass so that the wines can be on show. This is a sophisticated and classy way of storing wine.

New Spin on Wine Coolers.

Kitchen wine stand
Keep it Cool in More than One Way

Let your wine become a centrepiece in the room, by displaying it with shelves or interesting glass wine coolers. You can see in the picture how the wine collection becomes an intriguing part of the room in this way. The bonus is that your wine is in easy reach when you entertain!

Create a Wine Partition.

Kitchen wine stand
Large Wine Racks Creatively Separate Your Living Space

If you want to separate two rooms in your home, this could be the perfect area to place a wine rack! This creates a contemporary and modern living space.

Use Good Lighting.

Kitchen wine stand
Spotlight on Your Wine

The whole point of having your wine collection in view is so that people can admire it, right? Well, that’s where good lighting comes in. Using colorful lights in the room where you display your wine can be a stylish addition to your home, as can be seen in the picture where the wine cellar and pool house come to life with electric blue light. When installing light in the wine cellar, make sure you use LED bulbs that won’t age the wine.

Entertain Me!

Kitchen wine stand
Create a Wine Room that You Love

You can keep your wine in one specific room, but make sure that it is an area of the home in which you enjoy relaxing! You can turn the room into a delightful seating or entertaining area, too. The point is not to banish your wine to a dusty basement but to optimize your living space so that the area becomes lively.

Bottles on the Wall.

Kitchen wine stand
Wine as Art

Your wine collection doesn’t have to be in one place. A few bottles nicked from your collection can become decorative. An example is to place these bottles on a wooden rack on the wall for instant art.

Kitchen wine stand
Creative Wine Racks

You can also create a fun wine rack in the kitchen wall (or any other room) that blends into the décor without being clumsy. The wine bottles appear to be a stylish addition to the room while being a practical area in which to store wine. Your guests will be sure to do double-takes!

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