New refrigerator-freezer combos from AEG

In the coming months AEG is introducing multiple refrigerator-freezer combinations on the market, that are stylish as well as innovative. The new combos will combine the two most popular features: The No Frost and Fresh Box features, that are designed to extend the storage period of stored fresh foods.

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No Frost is a feature designed to ensure no ice is formed inside the freezer, which will save time cleaning the freezer, while the Fresh Box functionality will save time in terms of trips to the local supermarket. Food will remain fresh longer, and tastier. Thanks to AEG’s new Twin Tech evaporators, better ventilation occurs inside the refrigerator, keeping both parts of the combination in perfect condition.

Thanks to the Twin Tech system, the new AEG combos, will be approximately 15 percent cooler then the available combos from competitor brands.