New office and studio space in the heart of SoHo

Logan is a New York bicoastal production company that recently got a new office and studio. The space was designed by Brooklyn-based design firm SO-IL and it’s located in New York, NY, USA. It’s a project that covers a total area of 6,500 square meters and that was completed in 2012. The new office is situated in a corner loft space on the second floor of a landmarked building in SoHo.

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The office the team designed is very dynamic and modern and it’s a space that encourages collaboration and team work. Given the fact that a large part of the company’s team consists of a series of mobile consultants that join the team strictly for a particular project, the office had to be flexible and to allow easy reorganization. Each project is different and thus requires a different setting. The office has very little permanent spaces and personalized workstations. It’s a very flexible space and you never know where you’ll be sitting next.

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The new office is divided into two identical volumes. They are symmetrical spaces and they have rectilinear shapes. Each area features a 65 foot long custom work table. It’s an area that can accommodate working groups of any size. The shared desks can serve for many purposes and the rooms can be used for meetings, design, production, etc. In these volumes there are also private offices and meeting rooms. There are also three felt- wrapped sound-isolated editing suites. The central work areas are separated by floor-to-ceiling translucent fabric walls and they have stretched PVC luminous ceilings. Overall, this is a very simple but very flexible and modern office.{found on archdaily}.