New modern house in Sydney

Usually, when a family owns a terrain near the ocean, we all look forward to see what kind of house they will build there. It will be modern, ecological, antique, small, big… or maybe we will be surprised to see an amazing home facing the beautiful view. Because the land is situated on the edge of a cliff 100 meters above the ocean, the owners thought that it is a shame not to take advantage of this amazing landscape, so they hired Utz Sanby Architects to design the Queenscliff House.

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Situated in Sydney, Australia, this amazing three story house has been designed to be thermally efficient, not to waste water and also to be a comfortable place for a family who wants to spend time near the ocean’s breeze. The uneven terrain has forced the architects to design a floor into the ground, the main entrance being through the middle floor, where the living area is  with the kitchen and dining room.

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Big walls from the terrace are designed to support the upper level wing, where is located a spacious bedroom with a large balcony where the owners can spend their mornings looking at the sunrise. In the back, the courtyard is kept away from the stranger’s eyes, so it is a place providing privacy for the entire family.

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Inside, we can see that the whole structure is designed facing the ocean, a place that allows natural light and ventilation in, but also a place where you can enjoy spending your days. You may ask yourself why this house has so many different angles, especially on the roof. The answer is that architects thought that sun’s light reflected in ocean’s water can be annoying in the mornings, so the house needed a shield to stop the sun blinding people.{found on contemporist}.